Рассмотрим два примера добавления пользователя. В первом случае добавим непривилегированного пользователя, во втором случае добавим нового администратора.

Добавляем обычного локального пользователя без полных административных прав (для повышения привилегий потребуется выполнить команду enable и указать пароль enable secret)

SW01# configure terminal
SW01 (config) # username vasya privilege 1 secret MyPA$$w0rd
SW01 (config) # exit
SW01# write

Добавляем локального пользователя и даём ему полные административные права (без необходимости использования пароля enable secret):

SW01# configure terminal
SW01 (config) # username vasya privilege 15 secret MyPA$$w0rd
SW01 (config) # exit
SW01# write
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sysctl -a | grep redirect
net.inet.ip.redirect: 1
net.inet.icmp.log_redirect: 0
net.inet.icmp.drop_redirect: 0
net.inet6.ip6.redirect: 1

добавим в /etc/sysctl.conf

2019/12/02 16:27 · admin

Док-бар на вашем Mac быстро захламляется множеством значков приложений. Если и у вас так же, добавление пробела между значками может помочь понять некоторые вещи.

“Пробелы”, которые добавляет эта команда, являются невидимыми фрагментами, которые при необходимости можно легко удалить, перетащив их с док-бара.

Чтобы добавить пустой фрагмент, откройте Терминал и введите следующую команду:

defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{"tile-type"="spacer-tile";}'; killall Dock

Как только команда будет выполнена, док-бар мгновенно исчезнет и перезагрузится с невидимой плиткой, чтобы создать пространство.

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Не законченный пост

Список шар

smbclient -U DOMEN/Administrator -L \\
mount_smbfs -I -E utf8:cp866 //administrator@dm3/it /home/mh/1
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A common configuration is a user who has an Intel laptop with a Kabylake Intel i915 HD Graphics chip. To enable the chipset one would follow these instructions:

Install the drm-kmod package

sudo pkg install drm-kmod

Take note of the post-install package message as it contains important information - specifically add this to your /etc/rc.conf or /etc/rc.conf.d/intel file:


Ensure your UID is a member of the «video» group.

Restart your system; you should see the i915kms.ko get loaded and a flash on your console as we switch over to the new display driver.

Start Xorg via your usual method (i.e. startx, GDM, etc.)

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Вызывающий абонент вводит dtmf сигналы, набираемые цифры записываются в текстовый файл.

exten => s,1,Answer()
exten => s,2,Playback(access-code)
exten => s,3,Read(myvar,beep,,,6,15)
exten => s,n,SayDigits(${myvar})
exten => s,n,Set(CDR(userfield)=${myvar})
exten => s,n,Verbose(${myvar})
exten => s,n,System(echo "${CALLERID(num)}" - "${myvar}" >> /var/log/asterisk/test)

Описание шагов контекста:

  Asterisk app: Answer - ответить на вызов (установить соединение)
  Asterisk app: Playback - проиграть стандартное сообщение (введите код).
  Asterisk app: Read - считать данные вводимые пользователем и сохранить их в переменную $myvar
  Asterisk app: SayDigits - проговорить данные сохраненные в переменной.
  Asterisk app: Set / function 'CDR' - сохранить данные из переменной в поле userfield CDR.
  Asterisk app: Verbose - вывести данные переменной в консоль и лог.
  Asterisk app: System - записать данные переменно в текстовый файл с новой строки.
2019/11/28 12:09 · admin


sysrc plexmediaserver_enable=YES


service plexmediaserver start

Once started, visit the following to configure:



If you have a supported Intel GPU, you can leverage hardware accelerated encoding/decoding in Plex Media Server on FreeBSD 12.0+.

The requirements are as follows:

* Install multimedia/drm-kmod: e.g., pkg install drm-fbsd12.0-kmod

* Enable loading of kernel module on boot: sysrc kld_list+=«i915kms» ** If Plex will run in a jail, you must load the module outside the jail!

* Load the kernel module now (although reboot is advised): kldload i915kms

* Add plex user to the video group: pw groupmod -n video -m plex

* For jails, make a devfs ruleset to expose /dev/dri/* devices.

e.g., /dev/devfs.rules on the host:

add include $devfsrules_hide_all
add include $devfsrules_unhide_basic
add include $devfsrules_unhide_login
add include $devfsrules_jail
add path 'dri*' unhide
add path 'dri/*' unhide
add path 'drm*' unhide
add path 'drm/*' unhide

* Enable the devfs ruleset for your jail. e.g., devfs_ruleset=10 in your /etc/jail.conf or for iocage, iocage set devfs_ruleset=«10»

Please refer to documentation for all other FreeBSD jail management utilities.

* Make sure hardware transcoding is enabled in the server settings


2019/11/18 16:48 · admin

Попробовал через dconfEditor

…адрес следующий: com-deepin-wrap-pantheon-desktop-gala-appearance и в строке button-layout меняешь расположение кнопок. Только не факт, что во всех приложениях кнопки изменятся. Так, например, во всех приложениях созданных deepin, кнопки останутся справа. В общем получится мешанина, но вернуть пять же можно…

ЗЫ. Необходимо в искомой строке перенести двоеточие в конец строки…

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For a simple X context with a Window manager like fluxbox. For those who don’t want to setup a full desktop as Gnome, KDE, and want the fewest dependencies Run with its own renderer engine, no javascript, compile very fast. Incredibly lightweight. You won’t be able to play youtube, but you will be able to read most of site. Enough for administrator


Current version is 60. Since 57, Firefox has a brand new and fast engine Quantum. This is now, according to me, the best choice for FreeBSD… and also for Windows and Linux. This is the only Web browser I use across all my devices. I use a little Opera (Blink) under Windows and Linux because there is a free embedded VPN, for the rest of time I use Firefox. As now, Firefox has the same speed as Chromium, perhaps faster. Very stable.


This is opera 16 with presto engine This was the FreeBSD users favourite and beloved web browser… light but powerful, fast, stable, few dependencies Before Firefox… I was using Opera on Windows. Good souvenirs…. a web browser that brought many things… speed dial, embedded Javascript control… But Opera has dropped Presto and lost his mind switching to Blink (Chromium) engine. This browser is not developed anymore. I always hope that someone could relaunch Presto Engine in an opensource project to give us more Web Renderer engines alternative.


I don’t recommend it, and I frankly hate it. But Chrome (not Chromium) on Windows or Linux, no problem. Many users encounter recurrent stability issues (it seems to depend on graphic hardware)

Compiling time IS A NIGHTMARE. This is simply incredible. Takes more time to compile than LibreOffice.

The reason is very simple…. at this moment each time Chromium recompile the Renderer Engine (Blink) Blink is not offered as a separated package. There is now Webengine, but this is under QT5. Chromium is under GTK3


Iridium is basically chromium with minor modification and exactly the same stability issues.


This browser gained popularity at a time it was the only Firefox 64 bit incarnation for Windows Since Firefox launched his regular 64 build release, I personally don’t see much interest for it Still experimental under FreeBSD. I don’t recommend it because still runs with old Gecko engine. Gecko with time became incredibly slow, this is the reason why many users switched to Chrome On the contrary could be interesting for those who want to keep the XUL extensions (based as today on Gecko 56 Engine)


An old school Gecko engine, for aficionados. At the time of Firefox Gecko, could be interesting because faster… But now with Quantum, in my opinion Firefox renders Pale Moon obsolete.


Webkit based. I never manage to make it work well. Not developed a lot.


Wekbit based, but deprecated. This browser is no more updated because project switched to KDE under Falkon


Webengine (= Chromium Blink engine for QT5) based. Probably the best ‘lightweight’ alternative, powerfull enough to play youtube


Python written, keyboard driven web browser based on Webkit and/or Webengine


A console Web Browser


Can’t say much. New web browser based on Webkit and/or Webengine. It claims to make revival the best things of Opera 12 (presto)…. wait and see

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FreeBSD → /etc/ssh/sshd_config

X11Forwarding yes
X11DisplayOffset 10
X11UseLocalhost yes

X11 forwarding on Mac is just as easy. Download Quartz and install it as you would any other Mac package. Quartz is another instance of display management. To start using X11 forwarding to your Mac, use the -X switch. In other words, the ssh command would look like this:

ssh -X user@remotehostip
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